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New Year — new job?

hp_flag_rightLooking for work in 2009? I’ll try to post a few nifty jobs weekly for those in the market.

CIA: Heard a radio ad by the Central Intelligence Agency, which is looking for folks to work for the CIA. No joke. They need “Clandestine Service Officers” and other bodies “to be on the front line of human intelligence.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

MORE GOV’T JOBS: Wanna be a border patrol agent? CNN ran a series of broadcasts about hot jobs — mostly government posts — so check out THIS LINK for specific job listings and to read the transcripts.

LOCAL OFFERINGS: Live in SoCal/O.C.? CLICK HERE to check out some of the jobs and tips posted by my former colleagues at “Handling Hard Times” blog. (Their post on 25,000 medical jobs in and near OC are open” caught my eye.)

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