How to use social networks to get a job

Here’s a wake-up call for those of us hunting for jobs the old way.  Live the job you want on the Web. That’s right. Blog about it. Find potential employers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.  Think about how you present information about yourself. For example, calling myself an ex-Register business editor is — uhhh — old school, especially when my job was working on a Web site! (I thought highlighting that title would help me get a job, but it’s a probably a huge turn-off  because it’s linked to the newspaper industry.)scoble_medium

If it all sounds spooky because you don’t know how to do it or you’re not Web savvy — get over it and learn. That’s what a lot of us (including yours truly) have gotta do. So READ THIS from a dude known as Scobleizer. That’s blogger Robert Scoble, who is a video blogger for Fast Money.

So maybe you don’t agree with him, but it sure made a lot of sense to moi.

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  1. blesperve on

    Thanx for the informations!!

    • Diana McCabe on

      Happy New Year. I’ve not really used this blog for a long time. I started it when I first left my job as a newspaper editor to look for a different way to use my writing and editing skills. I’ve been writing and editing full time for a small university now. Trying to create content for them for the Web. I also have my own “hobby” blog — …. haven’t decided what to do with this blog. But glad you found the info helpful. Hope all is well.


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