Who can get CA unemployment money?

I spent part of my day trolling the state’s job site and filling out my own online form for unemployment benefits. It took about 10 minutes tops to fill out the form — and I only paused when I was trying to figure out how much I might be eligible to receive. philly3

Reading the  state’s unemployment insurance code is kind of fun though. Did you know commercial fishermen are eligible — generally speaking — if there was an “absence of fish in fishable waters”? Yeah, yeah, yeah — we all know you’re probably not going to get any money if you were fired because you kept coming into work drunk, but the code says it so much better:

“He or she otherwise left his or her most recent employment for
reasons caused by an irresistible compulsion to use or consume
intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages.”

But my fave? Who is not eligible — like pro athletes between seasons:

“Unemployment compensation benefits, extended duration
benefits, and federal-state extended benefits shall not be payable to
any individual on the basis of any services, substantially all of
which consist of participating in sports or athletic events or
training or preparing to so participate, for any week which commences
during the period between two successive sport seasons, or similar
periods, if such individual performed such services in the first of
such seasons, or similar periods, and there is a reasonable assurance
that such individual will perform such services in the later of such
seasons, or similar periods.”

Like some of those pro athletes need it anyway, eh?

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