I got rejected! (Get used to it)

As a reporter, I’m used to rejection. I’m used to people telling me “no, no way, no how” am I gonna let you (fill in the blank here — but it’s usually interview or photograph) me.

CEO John Challenger

CEO John Challenger

But I received my first official job rejection letter in the mail the other day — and it caught me a little off-guard. I already knew I didn’t get the job because — as reporters tend to do — I kept dialing for updates and finally got the person on the phone and was told the job had been filled. But there it was — in black and white. And my heart fell. How many more times will this happen? So I emailed CEO John Challenger over at outplacement consultancy firm Challenger Gray & Christmas in Chicago.

I asked him how often should folks expect to be “rejected” from an employer in this climate? Here’s what he said:

Unfortunately, there is no established guideline or benchmark on how much rejection one will have to endure during his or her job search. This, of course, is what makes the job search so emotionally and psychologically draining, because there is no way to determine how far along in the process you might be at any given point.

The number of rejections is also relative to the number of interviews one is able to secure, and that varies widely based on the individual, the type of position being sought, the industry and the region in which one is conducting his or search. Even in this economy, the job search will most likely last three to six months. If at six months you are no closer to winning a new position, it may be necessary to consider taking a more aggressive approach or expanding your search to new cities and/or industries.

And I thought I’d faced rejection as a teen ….

Coming next: If you don’t get the job, how do you ask why? Should you?

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