No. 1 destination for a fresh job start?

According to, an online consumer resource for moving services, it’s Las Vegas! And I’m posting this just as I roll into Sin City with the hubby for a few days of R&R (he’s still working). lasvegassign says:

Despite being battered by the housing market and bloodied by a recession that’s pinching its gambling-heavy economy, Las Vegas still beckons to people looking for a fresh start … The data revealed that on a per-capita basis, Las Vegas retained its top spot as the No. 1 destination for people looking to make a long distance state to state move. (READ MORE HERE.)

Also, no one coming to California, where I live now:

The Northeast, the Great Lakes and the Midwest showed a greater propensity for moving requests out to exceed moving requests in, while the South, the Mountain West, and the Pacific Northwest showed gains. The notable exception is California, a state hard hit by the housing market – it saw more requests to move out of state than to move to the state.

Other hot destinations: Vegas was followed by Denver, Charlotte, N.C., Phoenix/Mesa, Portland, Ore., Seattle, Orlando, Fla., Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg.

Stay tuned. If I see any cool jobs while I’m here Friday — will post.

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