I’m looking for jobs in all the wrong places …

My quest to find meaningful employment — and something that helps pay the mortgage — began in earnest this week. Those of you in the job hunt already know you have to network like crazy and keep asking folks for tips and help. It’s a bit like pestering your parents to drive you somewhere before you had your driver’s license.job_search_indeed

As a journalist — former business editor at The Orange County Register — I’m on all of the media Web sites, as are all of my fellow scribes, who are also out of work. (And most of those jobs are back East.)

For a reality check — because I’m told there are jobs out there — I called up www.indeed.com, which let me simply search by region (in this case I used “Irvine”) and key word. I found out that if I were a nurse, engineer, technical writer — I could probably land a job. In fact, there are lots of job listings in Orange County for professional services, such as accounting. If you have any mechanical experience, you’re in luck, too. I saw job listings for people with knowledge about certain heavy equipment. Even saw a post for a gourmet coffee attendant.

As for the old writer/editor — nada thing. I’m looking at the wrong profession!

Happy trolling.

Got a fave job board you’d care to share? Post it here.</


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